CoinEx Smart Chain Five-Million USD Special Funding Support for Metaverse Ecology

2 min readApr 24, 2022

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NFT and Metaverse are not only received increasing popularity in the world of blockchain, they have also attracted continuous attention in the field of VR and AR, and above all, Metaverse is considered to be one of the most promising applications that can step outside the virtuality of blockchain and be introduced to the users in reality. As an active promoter and builder of blockchain ecology, CoinEx Team has been paying close attention to the development of blockchain. To further support the development of Metaverse, a new project, 5-Million USD Special Funding Support for Metaverse Ecology, has been officially launched by CSC Foundation.

We welcome all NFT and projects of Metaverse concepts to migrate to the CSC, and sincerely invite all developers to deploy their own Metaverse projects on CSC.

Funding Criteria

1. For mature projects of meta-universe and NFT concepts with 10,000+ community numbers, $10,000 USD worth of funding support will be granted to the team once their migration to CoinEx Smart Chain is completed.

2. For the projects that are fully prepared in aspects such as project whitepaper, official website, and token model design etc, and are ready to be put online at anytime, $20,000 USD worth of funding support will be granted to the team once they agree to launch the project exclusively on CoinEx Smart Chain.

3. For projects in their prototype stage, please contact @Seven025 via Telegram for further consultation of funding support. At least $10,000 USD worth of funding support will be granted to the team once their application is approved.

4. At least $200,000 USD worth of strategic investment will be granted to the BEST teams amongst all applicants once CoinEx Foundation is approved of their application.

How to Apply

Chinese: Click to apply

English: Click to apply

In addition, 10 Million USD of CSC Seed Fund was founded to recruit outstanding projects. EVM-based projects and independent projects willing to deploy on CSC are preferred.

Apply for Funding Support: Click to apply

Info of CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC)

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About CSC

Created by CoinEx Public Chain Team and tailor-made for open finance, CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) is a decentralized and efficient public chain, committed to becoming the next generation of blockchain financial infrastructure, while featuring full compatibility with Ethereum ecosystem, extremely high efficiency and low transaction fees, as well as permission-free validators.




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